Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Banana is a beautiful health boaster food and being served in so many ways from ice-cream to cake and pudding, perhaps one of the most flexible food ever especially in Asia. Grow in abundant especially within this region and America Latin, banana supplies quick energy and contains almost all the nutrients needed for a healthy growing. Perhaps, that also best explain why banana is called the food for the athletes.

Traditionally, banana presents in many types of foods, perhaps attributing itself as one of ancient Malays staple foods. This recipe is a brilliant new version of traditional Pengat Pisang (Banana in Sweet Coconut Cream), courtesy of my loving aunt, To' Puan Sabariah Syed Mohd Yusof.


Part A:

Egg white
Cooking oil


Mix cooking oil with some ghee. Whip white egg. Deep bananas into white egg and fry them. Set aside.


Part B:

Fresh milk or Isian Milk
Little condensed milk
Pandan leaves
egg yolk
Sugar to taste


Combine all ingredients, and tie pandan leaf in knot. Cook them over slow fire. Keep stirring until it boils and thicken a bit.

Arrange banana in bowl and pour the cream over it. Serve hot or chill.


  1. Hi Just me, wow! I love this. I think looking at it, 5 pieces will do me fine, ha ha.
    I can practically get the beautiful scent of your this delicious creation.
    You are good!
    This should go well when having parties....
    Wish I can have some now, ha ha.
    Have a nice day,

  2. Hi again, you mind I copy your paku leaves salad and your kuig keria?
    They are really fantastic them.

    Bila I naik angin and post about beautiful wives with black belt in baking, cooking I will display yours, credit you of course.
    Boleh? No need sign surat lawyer? Ha ha.
    Owe you a teh tarek lambog tinggi.
    Thank you.

  3. Hi Lee!
    Good to see you here, i hardly have time to update my blog but am trying my best to do so. Glad you like the recipe. Yes, you can copy the recipe but i truly appreciate if you can kindly link the site with mine. Teh tarik is also very much anticipated ha3x

  4. Hi, Thank you. Have copied the pic. Bila naik angin will display it, credit you.
    Best wishes, Lee.